Hat Sizing device Instructions



First, find the front of the Device marked “F”. This will be positioned in the direct center of your forehead.

Next, ensure all the arms of the hat fitting device are pushed out enough to accommodate your head and loosely tighten the wing nuts to hold them in place.

Lets measure your head!

(This next part is easiest with a friend!)

ensuring the the arm marked “F” is positioned over the center of your forehead, lower the hat fitting device over your head and hold it in place around the part of your head that you want your hat to sit.

While you hold it up, have a friend loosen the wing nuts, starting with the arm marked “F”, and working your way around loosening them on alternating sides from front to back.

after the elastic band has tightened the hat fitting device to your head, adjust it up and down to make sure that it is sitting where you like your hat to sit.

Then while holding it in place, have your friend tighten the wing nuts to finger tight so that they stay in position when you remove it.



Verify and Ship!

Remove the Hat fitting device from your head and take a look at the shape of your head!

To verify the fit, slide the hat fitting device back over your head and make sure it still feels good.

It is ok if it is a little snug as it will be cut a tiny bit looser than the tool measures. You are looking for snug but comfortable.

verify that all the wing nuts are tightened to finger tightness so that they won’t move during shipping and repackage and affix the return label to the box. Drop it off at fedex at your earliest convenience!